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Erika Rosenberg in Tennessee.

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Motlow to host Oskar and Emilie Schindler exhibit on each campus in October

Posted on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 10:47 am
LYNCHBURG, TN (Oct. 3, 2017) – Motlow State is hosting an exhibit on the lives of Oskar and Emilie Schindler that will travel to each of its campuses during the month of October. The Schindlers put their own lives at risk to save more than 1,000 Jews from the brutality of Nazi concentration camps during World War II. Their story was made famous by Steven Spielberg’s black-and-white film “Schindler’s List”.
The show includes a series of wall panels with narratives, photographs, and maps crafted into an exhibit created in Germany for a worldwide tour. The display goes beyond what viewers of the 1993 film starring Liam Neeson may recall, and follows the story of the Schindlers’ lives as they outsmarted overpowering might to save the lives of Jews from the Nazi Holocaust. Features of the exhibit include revealing many never-before published photographs. The show will be open for public viewing, and there is no charge to visit the exhibit. The dates and times are:
McMinnville – Oct. 9 – 12: exhibit will be in library and study area
Fayetteville – Oct. 18 – 20: exhibit will be in FC 023
Smyrna – Oct. 23 – 27: exhibit will be in common areas of Apple bldg.
Moore County – Oct. 30 – Nov. 1: exhibit will be in Eoff art gallery (open for conference* attendees through Nov. 3)
Motlow will also co-sponsor the 11th Annual TnCIS Conference* on International Education November 2-3, at its Moore County campus in Eoff Hall. The key note speaker will be Professor Erika Rosenburg, personal biographer for the Schindlers. Along with Ms. Rosenberg, her colleague Harald Zintl, head of the Bayern Academy and the Regensburg Regional Office of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Germany, will present the keynote address entitled, Learning from History for Democracy and Human Rights: The Oskar and Emilie Schindler Exhibit.
The Oskar and Emilie Schindler Exhibit is part of an International Studies outreach effort at Motlow led by program sponsor, Dr. Lucy Craig, professor of Criminal Justice Studies and director of the International Education and Study Abroad program at Motlow.
The exhibit is co-sponsored by the Tennessee Consortium for International Studies (TnCIS). TnCIS represents nineteen colleges and universities devoted to making international education and cultural understanding a central goal of higher education throughout the state of Tennessee. TnCIS sponsors an annual conference on international education and continues to expand study abroad and international educational opportunities for students throughout the state. It is their conviction that students and faculty in all academic fields should have an international dimension in their studies and the opportunity to participate in an international experience.
To request disability accommodations for this event, contact Belinda Champion, director of Disability Services at 931-393-1970 or